more Spring...

winter has been grey enough so here is something colorful :-)

Picnic Blanket 'SPRING'
sculpted Blanket with Pillows and Basket
(with Wine, Muffins & Doughnuts)
4 Animations
with Texture change menu
you have the choice...

i didn't want the Cookie Bears to become envious...
so they got their own Picnic Blanket

Cookie Bears 'PICNIC'
Plush Teddy Bears Boy & Girl
with Picnic Blanket, Basket with Muffins, Doughnuts and Milk

and also something colorful for inside...
decorate your home with a Crazy Clock
and you will always know the right time ;)

in every package are 2 clocks (big and small)
SL Time - Texture/Color change Menu

Crazy Clock 'FLOWER'
Bee and Worm Clock Hands

Crazy Clock 'BILLARD'
Cue Clock Hands

Paint Brush Clock Hands

i hope you have fun with this new colorful items as much as i do... Sway

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