Hello to all Cookie Bear and Sway's Creations fans

There's something to celebrate,
our creator and mummy will have her
second SL rezz day on May 17th.
We bears want her to get the loveliest birthday
cake of the grid but, as we are only small bears,
we need your help.
That's why we're asking all of you to participate in our
Cookie Bear Birthday Cake Contest (CBBCC)
and want you to send us your cake.

The baking rules are as follows:
- the Birthday Cake must be built by yourself
- size: not more than 2.000 x 2.000 x 2.000
- prims: 30 prims maximum
- Birthday Cake has to be full permissions
/copy, modify and transfer
(dont worry it will not end as a freebie or given away to anyone else.)
- Birthday Cake title must contain your full avatar name
- one Birthday Cake per person
- no scripts allowed
- deadline to send your Birthday Cake is 16. May 2009
- create a folder with Birthday Cake and YOUR NAME
(e.g.: Birthday Cake - Sway Dench),
place the Birthday Cake inside and send it to Sway Dench

All the cakes will be displayed at Sway's Marketplace

We will have an open Voting for the Peoples Choice Award from May 17 to May 23
The Jury Award winners will be picked by our Jury on May 23

The winners will be awarded with a prize:
Peoples Choice Award: 2000 L$
Jury Award: 5000 L$

Special Award: 3 x 1000 L$
(only whith minimum 10 participants in the contest)

So, please get into the kitchen,
we're looking forward to taste your yummy cakes !

The Cookie Bears

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