a Test Hunt

Hello lovely people,
today i need your help.

As you know we like to make Hunts at SwayLand.
With the last hunt we had some problems.
Now we changed the script, but we have to test it.

I don't want to test is with a normal and big hunt,
thats why i made a very easy hunt to try if everything works fine.

And for your help you will get a little gift.

Please help me and ask your friends to help...
The old script had problems when more then 500 people did the hunt...
So i need at least 500 people to test it.

I promise it is very easy :)

For summer we like to make a big hunt again and it would be great if all have fun with it.
And its not good when 499 people get the gift and for the next hunters it is not working anymore.

Thank you for your understanding and for your help. Sway


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