Haylie & Hayden

Single Bed Set [Haylie] & [Hayden]

Lovely and cute daybed with unique customized poses.

Metal frame bed with blanket and pillows.
10 poses:
write diary, read a book, relax, sleep,
search sox, wake up, sit ... and more
self giving props:
Diary with pencil, Book, Photo album,
Alarm clock and Blanket
Book, Diary, Alarm clock (with and without sound)
Storage boxes, Slipper, Pillow, stack of books with coffee,
Fur rug and Picture frames

 Haylie comes reddish colored with hearts and flowers pattern, 
Butterfly and heart pictures. 
for the girl in you :)

Hayden comes in bluish-green
with elephant picture and striped pattern.

Adjustable for all AV sizes

Bed - 21 prims
Total (Bed with all decoration) - 59 prims

Copy | 59 prims | 450 L$

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