Bathroom - Adult version

Bathroom Set [Bellatrix] blue and pink
Adult version

Bathtub with 3 single,2 couple and 4 couple sex poses/animations
4 texture options for bathtub inside:
empty, water, water with foam and rose petals.
Gives shaver - self rezing pillow
Shower curtain with 3 texture options: plain, stripes and motive
(blue set with fish, pink set with hearts)
Decoration: Rubber ducks - squeak by touch,
Bath mat, Sponge, Shower gel, Towel rail.
Sink with animations and poses for wash hands,
brush teeth (male and female) and shave face.
2 couple sex poses.
Gives Toothbush and shaver.
Mirror, Toothbrush tumbler, Soap and Shaving things.
Toilet with 5 single and 2 couple sex poses,
self rezing newspaper.
Toiletpaper holder, Rack, hanging Towel,
rolled Towels, Toiletpaper, Pots.
Bathroom Walls and floor

Shaving Foam for leg and face comes as tattoo layer

Transferable items for guests
(footprint 4.200 x 4.200)

The set comes unlinked in one part for an easy placement,
go into edit mode before rezzing it.
That way all objects will be selected and
you can move them untill you find the right place.

It also contains all the items separately with modifiable walls.
Bathroom Set [Bellatrix]

20 objects - 85 prims
copy | 1550 L$

wrapped towels coming soon

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