Hi all,

Sway's operation lasted almost 7 hours and it seems that the doctors did a good job.

Two hours ago I was able to talk to her on the phone for a few minutes and,
considering the severity of the procedure, I had a very good impression of her condition.

Even though she's obviously still a little dizzy, we can get our hopes up and our spirits lifted .

I guess it will take a few weeks until you will get another Blog entry from her,
but if anything major needs to be communicated, I will do it for her.



Boudicca Amat said...

What great news, get well soon Sway.

Isle said...

Thanks for the update! Please give her my regards, and let her know that her plurk friends are thinking of her!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Thank you for the updates! <3

Suzanne said...

Thank you SO MUCH for updating us, I have been praying for her. I'm very glad that things seem to have gone well. Blessings, Xanna

Morgan Kincess said...

Thank you for the news Thomas!
Sway get well soon <3

Gabriella Allardyce-Raynier said...

♥ we miss you Sway! Glad to hear that surgery went well and looking forward to seeing your smiling emoticons soon! ~hugs and much lovin!~