It's a wonderful Life

I'm happy to take part in this round of The Garden 
with the lovely theme, It's a wonderful Life.
For this occasion I made some special items.

[Wonderful Life] Living room

set includes:
Couch with 9 couple and 14 single animations - 2 Li
Armchair with pillows with 12 single animations - 1 Li
Armchair with blanket with 12 single animations - 1 Li
Armchair with stool with 12 single animations - 1 Li
Coffee table 1 Li
Candles and baubles on wooden slice, flame on / off by touch - 2 Li
Rugs red and green - 1 Li each

Avalable in a set or separate
Winter Gacha
[Rocking horse] Ornament

rocking horse with ribbon and jingle bells
resizable by menu
green, pink, red, blue, purple, yellow and colorful* (*rare)

Living Room Set | Mesh + Material | Li 10 altoghether | copy + modify 
Rocking horse ornament | Mesh + Material | Li 1 | transfer | 35 L$ per play 

The fir tree in these pictures is available in different colors at Sway's

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