This time we travel to Bali with TLC - The Garden

[Pantai] Beach Hut

Beach Hut with sheer curtains in 5 texture options
detailed with palm leaves - 16 Li
simple without palm leaves - 11 Li

Pier with rope railing - 7 Li
poles adjustable to any water depth

Stair short and long - 1/2 Li

Palm leaves for decoration - 1/2 Li
2 styles in dry and fresh

footprint: 9,5m x 11m (pier)

[Pantai] Beach Set

Floor Cushion - each 1 Li
2 different floor cushion
each with 12 individual animations

Balinese parasol with fringes - 3 Li
3 colors included: teal, blue and orange

This items are available as set like shown here
the Balinese Parasol and Palm Leaves decoration are also available separately

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts and animiations - copy only)
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