This month I am taking part in the Oneword event.
The word this time is Wonderland.

 I was thinking of cards and of course Alice...

[playing card] step stones*

step stones - spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts
individual step stones in brown and grey
3 presets - 4 stones arranged differently in brown, grey and mixed
1 Li each

[Alice] covered Garden Bench
.cards* .natural .candy

Bench with 9 single, 6 friends and 3 couple animations - 2 Li
pillows and blanket with 3 texture options
book and tea decoration - 1 Li

[Alice] Topiary
.cards* .natural .candy

4 different styles
4 texture options per pot - 1 Li each

* Exclusive at Oneword
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts and animations copy only)

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