Door Mat

It's Arcade Gacha time! Welcome your guests, friends and family at your home with this funny and cute door mats. Does the postman left a package, while you were away? Or maybe an admirer left a love letter? You forget your keys? Check the flower pot! Dirty rain boots or your sleeping cat...

[Door Mat]

9 to collect: owl, cloud*, international, ahoy, mustache*, 
cats, birds, home*, hi&bye (*rare)
with decoration as flowerpot, package, cat, rain boots and letter
6 common with 7 single animations and 3 couple animations
3 rares with 7 single andimations and 5 couple animations
all with texture changer for clean and shoe print options.

100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer | Land impact 3
(scripts and animations transfer only)
50L$ per play 
 The Arcade Gacha Event - September1st - 30th 2014
get yours here - The Arcade

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