Winter Home

A cozy and lovely Winter Home
for the January round of GachaLand!

[Clyde] Winter Home

Gacha | 15 to collect | 2 rares*

Winter Cottage* with 3 texture options: blue, green and brown - Porch - Topiary small and tall - Fire Wood - Bench with Snow -
Skates - Birdhouse - Stepping Stones, straight and corner - Doormat with clean and dirty options with green and pink boots -
Porch Bench* with 3 texture options for Pillow, 5 Single and 3 Couple animations.

HachaLand Exclusive
[Clyde] Snowman . Hitchhiker
with 6 texture options for sign: North Pole, Alaska, Norway, Bondi Beach, Florida and Malibu 
Reward for playing the Gacha Machine 20 times
This is only available at The GachaLand and will be retired after the event, as well as the exclusive gift!
[Stay Cozy] Pillows . Gift

Decor Pillows

100% original Mesh + Material 
Gacha and GLE - transfer + modify | Gift - copy + modify
(scripts and animations - transfer only)

 Happy Gacha-ing at GachaLand

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