Secret Sale Sunday

For Today's Secret Sale Sunday 6 items that make a lovely set :)
I hope you like it ♥
[Valerie] Fireplace . dark 
 decorative fireplace with firewood and candles - wood and shabby - candle flames on / off by touch

[Andrea] Armchairs, Table Lamps, Wall Art and Side Table
Armchair with Pillow - 12 animations, book props - 5 Chair colors with 9 pillow options
Side table with Books, Glasses and Coffee Mug + Empty Table
Table Lamp - 5 base colors with 6 shade options - light on / off by touching the light bulb
Wall Art - 4 rainy day quotes in wooden frame

[Vondra] Rug . woven
Rugs with and without fringes - 8 texture options

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)
  Secret Sale Sundays run every Sunday from Midnight to Midnight!

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