Secret Sale Sunday

Beach things for Secret Sale Sunday

[Summer] Drinking Jars
Drinking Jars with ice cubes,
slices of lemons and limes and drinking straws

[Sandia] Beach Towel & Bag
Beach Towel - Watermelon with 10 animations
3 textures options: pink, red and yellow
Beach Bag filled with Sun screen, Sun glasses and scarf
4 texture options: blank, cactus, pineapple and watermelon

[Naolin] Beach Umbrella . Fruity
Beach Umbrella
3 texture options: Orange, Kiwi and Watermelon
Umbrella stand in round and square
high and low LoD version included

[Naolin] Beach Towel . Fruity
Beach Towel
flat and edge version
with 8 individual animations
3 texture options: Orange, Kiwi and Watermelon

[Shell] Beach Shells decoration
Beach shells for decoration

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify | scripts and animations - copy only

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