Secret Sale Sunday

More Beach things for Secret Sale Sunday

[Souvenir Jar] beach

Jars filled with beach souvenirs like sand, shells, stones and starfish+greeting tag and removable lid, includes a jar with postcard and without and one for your own picture.

[Ines] Canopy Sofa
Canopy Sofa with 12 single and 8 couple animations
and 5 texture options

[Sander] Sand(snow)man
Sand (snow) man with hat, shell mouth, sunglasses ant towel

[Naolin] Beach Towel . Mandala
[Naolin] Beach Umbrella . Mandala

Beach Towel flat and edge version with 8 individual animations
Umbrella with stands in round and square
Towels and Umbrellas with 3 texture options

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify | scripts and animations - copy only

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