Ocean Hangout

FLF and a special Weekend Exclusive!

[Elio] Ocen Hangout . Complete Set & Bonus

Gazebo, Hammock with 3 aninations,Rope Ladder
and String Lights

Paper Lampions in 3 sizes and 3 colors
light on / off

Lighthouse Lantern with tintable candle
flame on / off

Sofa with 3 couple and 3 single aniamtions
Chair with 3 animations
Crate Table and Crate with fabric
Cutting Board with Watermelon adn Bowl with Watermelon

Rugs, flat and edgle with 2 texture options
Round and Square floor Cushion with 2 animations

Complete Set Bonus!
Raft with Pillows, Sail and Oar
with 3 animations

Individual Sets:
[Elio] Ocen Hangout . Lounge Set - FLF

[Elio] Ocen Hangout . Lampions - FLF

[Elio] Ocen Hangout . Gazebo Set

[Elio] Ocen Hangout . Lantern

[Elio] Ocen Hangout . Rugs and Pillows

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify (scripts and animations - copy only)

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