On the Beach

 Out for Wanderlust
and finally the On the Beach set is available again!

[On the Beach] Set

Shelter with 4 texture options

Floor with and without blankets
2 texture options for blankets
6 single and 6 couple animations

Cushion with 6 single animations
3 texture options

Floor Pillows with 6 single and
6 couple animations
3 texture options

Candle small and big, flame on/off

Paper Lantern parallel and counterpart (Wanderlust)
each design in 5 texture options
light on/off by touch

Torch with 3 texture options (Wanderlust)

available as set and individual

Paper Lantern and Torch are out for Wanderlust
The rest of the set is out for a special 'Weekend Exclusive' price.

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify (scripts and animations copy only)

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