Sway's Snowman Contest

*** Sway's Snowman Contest ***

i am searching for the funniest, craziest, fanciest, cutest and most creative Snowman!

Peoples Choice Award: 2000 L$
Jury Award: 5000 L$

- the Snowman must be built by yourself
- size: not more than 1.500 x 1.500 x 2.500
- prims: 20 prims maximum
- Snowman has to be full permissions /copy, modify and transfer
(dont worry it will not end as a freebie or given away to anyone else.)
- Snowman title must contain your full avatar name
- one Snowman per person
- no scripts allowed
- deadline to send your Snowman is 23. January 2009
- create a folder with Snowman and YOUR NAME (e.g.: Snowman-Sway Dench),
place the snowman inside and send it to Sway Dench


We will have an open Voting at the Marketplace for the Peoples Choice Award on 24 & 25 JAN

The Jury Award winners will be picked by our Jury on 25 JAN

The Winners will be published in the Sway's Creations Update Group and
pictures of their Snowman will be shown at the Sway's Creations Update Blog -
and the Sway's Creations Sim.

i am looking forward to see your Snowy Creations :-)

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