Photo Contest - Loco Pocos

Sway's Tiny Dreams come true

this was a funny story...

i just added my pics in the loco pocos flickr group,
because i enjoyed their christmas gift,
that cute little snowman so much.
i wasn't even aware that i would be in a picture of the month competition and, then...

(winner photo)

yesterday - just when i was building some stuff,
i suddenly received this big package from damien.
i wanted to ask him something else, anyway, and just started to chat about my questions without really noticing what i got there, just thinking it would be a group gift or something like that.

what a surprise when i found out it was a
loco pocos mega all package...
wow, what's that for ?

i asked my husband whether he got the same or not
when he told me there was a notice i had won their contest.

can't tell how happy and flattered i felt,
this beautiful present really made my day.

thanks so much to you !

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