Sway's Playground
for Kids, Grownups and for all of you who like to play :)

Playground for 6 avatars with Slide and Swing
23 unique, custom animations and poses

Swing comes with 2 poses and 1 animation 
swing on/off by touch
Slide with 3 poses and 1 animation
Ladder with 4 poses for ladder and floor
Floor with 4 poses for floor and net
wooden Beam with 4 poses
wooden Post with 4 poses

8 texture options for walls and holes
3 texture options for roof
all change individually


The set comes unlinked in one part for an easy placement,
go into edit mode before rezzing it.
That way all objects will be selected and you can move them untill you find the right place.

footprint sandbase 13.000 x 13.000
footprint playground 6.000 x 9.000

3 objects - Sandbase 1 prim,
Playground 42 prims and Swing 10 prims
copy | 53 prims total | 575 L$

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try it here: Sway's Playground

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