Wardrobe [Ahoi] , [Butterfly] and [Candy]

comes with 10 single poses,
2 Picture frames, Umrella, Storrage boxes, Cloth hanger,
folded Blanket, Books, Hat / Ahoi & Butterfly, Bag / Candy

In each set you find the Wardrobe with and without shadow unlinked in one part for an easy placement, go into edit mode before rezzing it.
That way all objects will be selected and you can move them untill you find the right place.
It also contains all the items separately.

9 objects | copy | 375 L$

Primcount total:
Ahoi: 37 / 38 with shadow
Butterfly: 32 /33 with shadow
Candy: 34 / 35 with shadow

Wardrobe without decoration 17 prims

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Peter said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I love it.

single wardrobe