Fu-rin ichi

PLUTO+ at SwayLand is holding the Fu-rin ichi (wind bell market),
maybe some of you remember we had this event last year too.

Fu-rin is a japanese wind bell.
This year there are again some very nice and unique wind bells out
from different designers.

I also made 5 new Fu-rin for you

Fu-rin [Musik]
Disco ball with Record and music notes - 8 prims

Fu-rin [Love]
Heart with arrow - 8 prims

Fu-rin [Hot-air Balloon]
Hot-air Balloon with sandbags and basket - 12 prims

Fu-rin [Daisy]
Daisy with leaf - 14 prims

Fu-rin [Peace]
very colored with peace symbol - 7 prims

all Fu-rins are transfer only | each 70L$
with sound timer and rotation on / off by touch

find them at PLUTO+ at the Fu-rin ichi , at Sway's Home & Hobby

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