surgery date displaced

some personal news:
The surgery date is displaced. I don't have a new appointment :(
The Doctor will call me 2-3 days before the surgery.
I don't really know why, the only reason I know is that they don't have enough staff there, it is a German Armed force hospital and some doctors are in Afghanistan.

I hope that he will call me very soon to give me a new appointment. I hope it will be in Febraury.

I feel weird and very nervous, sitting here with my packed suitcase and waiting... can not really start a new project or event because I don't know when I have to go... It's a very weird situation.

I will keep you informed on this blog.

Thank you, Sway

PS: war sucks!


w.w. said...

We are thinking of you!

Suzanne said...

I am thinking of you every day, Sway. Be a "squeaky wheel," call that doctor every day. Don't let them ignore you. I am praying for a date to come soon. xo Xanna Ziskey

Sway Dench said...

Thank you very much :)

Caren Jewell said...
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Caren Jewell said...

I be now over 6 years in SL and I think 5 years from it your customer. I have near all your Bears and love your work. I follow every Notice from you and I am thinking of you too!
I hope the Date come soon and wish you for all the best!!

Hugs .. from Caren Jewell

Sway Dench said...

awwww.. thank you so much Caren :)