Thank you!

I'd like to thank all of you!

The talented designers who donated time to build lovely and wonderful items for TFS,
customers for your shopping stamina, bloggers for spreading the word through great pictures and posts, DJs and bands for the fun times and great music.
You have given me a lot more than Lindens.
You gave me a boost, strength, a reason to laugh, a shoulder to cry on, and a huge hug!

Thank you all very much for your help, your support, friendship and love.

Customers, Bloggers, DJs, the TFS team, Friends...
Abraxxa Anatine, Alice Demonia, Andel Rhiadra, Anessa Stine, Anubis Darkwatch, Audrey Guter, Audrey Lamede, Bela Tolsen, Bouncer Criss, Cain Maven, Cajsa Lilliehook, Carra Fargis, Charlotte Bartlett, Chelle Carousel, Cherelle Capra, Cherry Appletor, Cleom Bailey, coldLogic, Crys Lexenstar, Cyclic Gearz, Cynthia Ultsch, Damien Fate, Darling Monday, Elle Kirshner, Ephedra Loon, Froukje Hoorenbeek, Gala Charron, Gracie Kangjon, Guapo Hansome, Heavenly Villa, HellBone Barbosa, IceWood Bayn, Inka Mexicola, Iris Maskelyne, Isla Gealach, Ivy Burner, Izzie Button, Kaerri Rae, Katat0nik Pidgeon, Kavar Cleanslate, Kehl Razor, KeliahAngelis, Kex Blackheart, Kinu Mayako, Lilith Reina, Lindsay Rozen, Liz Gealach, luciana Button, Lynaja Bade, M4ri1yn Magic, Manda Schmooz, Markus Slingshot, MiaSnow Myriam, Miley Chaplin, Mina Nakamura, MissAllSunday Lemon, Nalena Fairey, naminaeko, Natalee Oodles, noni Troncon, OMGWTF Barbecue, Oriana Kuhr, Pandora Popstar, Plato Novo, Rayvn Hynes, REBEL YELL CONCERTS, Renee Harvy, rockstarroo GossipGirl, RubyStarlight Writer, sachi Vixen, Sha Jinx, Sira Savira, Suriko Leimes, Synjari Myriam, SySy Chapman, Tea Soup, Tegan Serin, Trieste Minuet, Ulaa Coronet, Valena Vacano, warehousefifteendesigns, wetcat Flux, Whimsy Winx, Winter Thorn, Xandra Bressig, yingythingy, Zinnia Karu....

I thank you with all my heart.
Sway Dench

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