Living Wagon

This month theme for The Liaison Collaborative - TLC is Route 66 with sub-category freedom and America. My first thought was this colorful Hippie and Gypsy Wagon. So here they are...

[Willow] Living Wagon . boho and nativ

wagon with built-in lounger with pillows
16 single animations for up to 3 (inside and outside)
6 couple animations / Adult version + 6 adult animations

floor pillows with 6 single animations
hanging candle glass (flame on/off by touch)
decoration: table with tablecloth, bowl with apples, stack of books, plant.

available in 2 versions, boho: colorful and nativ: natural colors
separately and as set

[Willow] hanging candle glass . colors

20% off only at TLC

flame on/off by touch
candle texture change menu
6 colors included

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