Zen Garden and Pirates

I have a relaxing Zen garden for you and funny Pirate photo props.

[Pirate] photo props

 Cardboard photp props
bandana, beard, eyepatch, hat, mustache, speech bubble, parrot*, spy glass 
(wearable / with holding pose )
treasure chest* and rum barrel* 
(with poses for 1 and 2 avatars, use with holding props) *rare
 100% original Mesh | Material | 1/2 Li | modify + transfer
(scripts and poses - transfer only )
25 L$ per play
[Ren] Zen Garden

base* frame with sand and pond - 10Li
wall with little roof and stone basis - 1Li
bamboo bamboo cane for decoration - 3Li
bench with 4 animations for two - 2Li
lantern light on / off by touch - 1Li
bridge small wooden bridge - 5Li
rake rake with sand - 1Li
water leaves for pond decoration - 1Li
pile of stones circle sand waves with pile of stones - 1Li
single rock circle sand waves with single rock - 1Li
yoga sand waves sandwaves with yoga animation - 2Li
meditation stones 3 stones with meditation animation - 1Li
 100% original Mesh | Material | modify + transfer
(scripts and animations - transfer only )
  50 L$ per play

Happy Gacha-ing!

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