Enchanted & Magical

This round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
is enchanted and magical!

[Magic Potion]
7 to collect, 2 rares
Love Elixir* - ingredients: cupid tears and first kisses
Invisibility Potion
 ingredients: blue rainbow pigment, fire sparkle and 1 twirl of a fluffy cloud
Revenge Brew 
ingredients: hair of an avenging angel, bat breath and snake blood
Strength Serum
 ingredients: dragon flames, rock dust and 2 drops of Samson sweat
Wealth Potion
 ingredients: diamond dust, glitter serum and magic drops
Unknown Brew- ingredients: unknown
Jar with Eyeballs* - ingredients: eyeballs

 100% original Mesh | Material | 1 Li | modify + transfer
(scripts  - transfer only )
50 L$ per play  | *rare
[Enchanted Branch] Furniture

7 to collect, 2 rares
Throne* with 6 animations and 5 fabric options (2Li)
Curtain with 5 fabric options (8Li)
Shelf (2Li)
Stool with 3 animations (1Li)
Lantern with candle flame on / off by touch (2Li)
Table (2Li)
Bench* with 6 animations for up to 3 avatars and 5 fabric options (4Li)

 100% original Mesh | Material | 1-8 Li | modify + transfer
(scripts and animations  - transfer only )
50 L$ per play | *rare
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