Warm and cozy

The days are shorter and it's getting colder outside, just the right time to sit with a warm oven. But where to put all that firewood?
I have practical and nice solution!

And for today's FLF this items are available for only 50L$ each!

[Victor] Firewood Storage Bench
with 8 single animations
pillow and firewood - 1 Li

To make it even cozier,
lighten up the place with this romantic candle.

[Branch wrapped] Candle
candle with twigs wrapped around, held together by a cord
3 sizes - flame on / off by touch - 1 Li each  

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts and animations copy only)

get it at Sway's
A perfect addition to this items is the wood burning stove.

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