Crowns, Jewels and Fortune

the theme of this round is Fairy, Fable and Folklore
in my booth you will find 2 Gachas and one exclusive limited item.

[Fortune Teller] 
tent* from colorful cloths & foulards 8Li
bunting with colorful pennants 2Li
book antique 1Li
display board two-sided 1LI
table with tablecloths 2Li
chair* with 8 animations 1Li
stool with 8 animations 1Li
crystal ball colorful and glowing 1Li
candle flames on/off by touch 2Li
card tarot 1Li

Gacha | 50 L$ per play | 10 to collect | 20 Li altogether
Mesh + Material | modify + transfer (scripts - transfer only) | *rare 

[Crown] Ring
in gold, rose gold, silver and tri-color
with colorful gems
all with color change diamond hearts

Gacha | 25 L$ per play | 20 to collect | 1 Li each
Mesh + Material | modify + transfer (scripts - transfer only)

[Paper Crown] limited
fun and simple paper crown in 10 different styles (scripted)
for her and him, for adults and kids, for tiny and furry... for everybody!

Exclusive Limited Item | 75 L$
Mesh + Material | copy + modify (scripts - copy only)

get yours at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Happy gacha-ing :))

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