Do you like it colorful, bright and neon?
Well, this is the perfect set for you!

This round at Uber the theme is Miami Neon
and here is...

[Tyler] Bedroom set . neon

Bed 5 Li
with 14 single and 10 couple animations,
Adult version + 10 adult animations, 4 texture options

Beanbag 2 Li
14 single animations, 8 texture options

Table lamp 1 Li each
light on / off by touch, 4 texture

Streamer curtain 4 Li
solid and sheer, 4 texture options

Plants 1 Li each
2 different potted plants, each pot with 4 texture options

Flamingo neon sign 3 Li
light on / off by touch

Shelf 1 Li
simple wooden shelf

Books 1 Li each
big and small stack of books

available as set and separately

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Land impact 20
(scripts and animations copy only)
Exclusive at ~uber~ 

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