cute, cuddly and cozy

It's November and for most of us the colder time of the year
has started. So what's better to cuddle up in a cozy bed with
some cute pillows.

[Fox] Pillows

cute fox pillows for decoration and wearable with holding pose
4 options: plaid cream, plaid green, plaid pink and orange

[Belinda] Bed
Single, PG and Adult version available

Metal frame bed with 3 texture options for pillows and blankets
frame in gold and copper
Single version:
12 single animations for one avatar
PG and Adult versions:
12 single/friends animations for up to 2 avatars
10 Couple animations. Adult version + 10 Adult animations

[Fox] Pillows & [Belinda] Bed / Single for today's FLF!

100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)

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