Hot Cocoa

I smell snow...
Winter is here and what better than warming up with a hot cocoa.
What's your favorite?
With marshmallows, cinnamon or peppermint sticks.
You get them all from Sway's at The Arcade!
December 1st - 31st 2016

[Hot Cocoa] Gacha

16 to collect | 2 rares*

Stand with string lights* (on/off by touch)
Box Seat* with 6 animations
Bunting with 4 texture options
Plate with Cookies (gives Cookie by touch)
Jars with Peppermint sticks, Marshmallows and Cinnamon
Jug with 3 texture options
Hot Cocoa mugs with Peppermint sticks, Marshmallows and Cinnamon, rezable and wearable versions, 3 texture options
Stack of empty mugs with 4 texture options
Texture options for Mugs and Jug:
cream, red and blue - for stack of mugs also a mix
Bunting comes in plaid, blue, red and hot cocoa

100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer | 1-7 Li
50L$ per play 
 (scripts and animations - transfer only)
[Hot Cocoa] Bench / Reward

Exclusive and limited to the Arcade December 2016 is this Reward: Play Sway's Arcade Gacha Machine 25 times and this cozy Bench is yours!
Bench for two
with 10 single / friends animations and
8 couple animations for up to 2 avatars
2 wood and 4 pillow texture options
String lights on / off by touch
 100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | 6 Li
 (scripts and animations - copy only)
Happy Gacha-ing at The Arcade

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