It's St Nicholas' Day...

December 6 - St Nicholas' Day...

maybe you don't know that -
but in Germany we have a tradition:

On the evening before St Nicholas' Day the Kids put there Boots in front of the front door.
On the next morning St Nicholas has filled them with nuts, sweets, chocolate and lots of other tasty things...

But only for the well-behaved kids.
The naughty ones will only get tree branch instead.

I'm sure you all were well-behaved, at least i hope so...
and so i have a little surprise for you :)

a special St Nicholas' Gatcha Machine is waiting for you at the Marketplace

there are two prices inside, one for the well-behaved kids
and one for the naughty ones ;)

Pay the Gatcha Machine to get one of the prices... it's 6 L$
(because St Nicholas' Day is on December 6.)

have fun :)) Sway


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