Watermelon Hunt - Gifts

The Watermelon Hunt is going on at SwayLand...

here i show you the rewards for hunting for watermelon slices

Stephanie top from Ayla's
a lovely, sexy summer top :)

from nonino you get a Picnic Table with animations for 4 persons
and some yummy Snow cones

ToRiCo made the yummy BBQ food set
with Plates, Juice, Spice...
T-bone, Spit Roast, Ham, Sausage and Pizza

from Zacca you'll get the pefect Garden Kitchen for this Food set

Aloha outfit for her & him from Sway's
Shorts and Strawhat for Him
Skirt, Bikini Top and Hairflower for Her

You see, there are 5 good reasons to hunt for watermelon slices :)

Happy hunting... and show us your pictures from the hunt in the Flickr group

Taxi to the Watermelon Hunt

and here more Hunt information

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