Chestnut Hunt - Gifts

The Chestnut Hunt is going on at SwayLand...

let me show you the rewards for hunting chestnuts 

 Halloween Garde House from Zacca

this is more than just a house for halloween.
It is a beautiful building, fits your garden in every season

Scarecrow from Sway's
a funny scarecrow for your garden, field or any other decoration.
comes in 3 sizes with different face option.

Magical Circle from nonino
this looks so great... but it's not just a decoration,
take a seat and have a magical flight :)

 and Hat and Stole from Ayla's 
cute accessory for cold days

You see, there are 4 good reasons to hunt for chestnuts :)

Happy hunting...
and show us your pictures from the hunt in the Flickr group

Taxi to the Chestnut Hunt

and here more Hunt information