Chestnut Hunt - Gifts

The Chestnut Hunt is going on at SwayLand...

let me show you the rewards for hunting chestnuts 

 Halloween Garde House from Zacca

this is more than just a house for halloween.
It is a beautiful building, fits your garden in every season

Scarecrow from Sway's
a funny scarecrow for your garden, field or any other decoration.
comes in 3 sizes with different face option.

Magical Circle from nonino
this looks so great... but it's not just a decoration,
take a seat and have a magical flight :)

 and Hat and Stole from Ayla's 
cute accessory for cold days

You see, there are 4 good reasons to hunt for chestnuts :)

Happy hunting...
and show us your pictures from the hunt in the Flickr group

Taxi to the Chestnut Hunt

and here more Hunt information 


Nancy Janzen said...

BTW, you are looking for acorns (from the oak trees) with an oak leaf, not chestnuts.

Nancy Janzen said...

Oops I am so sorry, you are right! Thank you. :D (please delete)