Designer Challenge

It is round 10 of Designers Challenge,
in which every 2 weeks 2 home and garden designers
will take the same RL picture as inspiration
and create what they see in Second Life in their own way.
Sway Dench of Sway's and Liz Gealach of Thistle Homes
have given this photo of a gorgeous desk and workspace as inspiration.

Now the time has come to show you what we made...

 Sway's Writer Office [Josephine]

 is a cute, cozy and a little bit retro Workspace.

It comes with all what you see...

Wall & Floor with 5 texture options for wallpaper and floor shadow.
Desk with Typewriter, Lamp, Books, Papers, Cactus and a lot of other decoration and utensils.
The Stool with a pretty hand stitched pillow includes 5 poses.
A Bookshelf with Books, Paper scrolls and other decoration.
Also in this Set is a Paper trash, and Picture Frames.

The set contains 22 objects, so you can decorate and move everything just as you like it.

Set includes:
Wall & Floor
Stool with Pillow
Paper Trash with Paper Scrolls
Desklamp | touch to turn light on/off
stack of Books
Books 2x
Cactus 2x
Book with Glasses
Book and Magazine
Pencil Cup
Paper Scrolls
Picture Frame 2x

54 Prims | transfer | 400L$

Thistle Decorator's Workspace

The first thing i (Liz) saw was the colors;
wonderful bright yellow, rich red, and deep blue.
I knew I wanted to play with the colors and create something that was reminisant of the original picture but still very much me. 
A little story evolved in my head about an SL Decorator that has her own special space to plan and prepare. 
I imagine people changing the pictures to show their latest inspiration! 
I love how different Sway and I went with our interpretations, this was a fantastic process!

Animated Chair, Shelf, and File Cabinet
Chair includes 5 animations that change on touch
Desk with assorted accessories
Pin Board and frames - pictures can be changed
Desk Lamp that illuminates on touch
and many little nicknacks :-)

Personalize and mix and match

copy + modify | 400L$


This was so much fun and i hope you all like our work :)
Special thanks goes to Isla Gealach
for this great idea with the Designer Challenge
and to Liz Gealach who is a very good friend and a gorgeous designer.

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