Bubblegum Weekend #18

It's already Friday and I really need to finish my work.

Let's see, i have my papers, my books 
and the Typewriter has a new ink ribbon... 
lets get started!

snore.... snorrrrrrrrreeeee.....

OMG! i fell asleep, the only word i typed is

OK, I need to hurry now. I know i can do it!

Yay! I'm done... and i hope you like my little story :)

By the way... i was late for work because i was shopping
let me show you what i've got:

Skin - League / Amber Fair -Plum- Frex
Hair - Truth / Isla
Glasses - Reek / Augie Glasses
Shirt - Zaara / shyla blouse
Pants - Atomic / I <3 Corduro
Bracelet - Artilleri / brazil bracelet

Background & Decoration - Sway's / Writer Office [Josephine]

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