Alphabet Challenge: G

 G like Grandma

I remember back,
when i was a child and i helped my Granny in the garden...
it was always so good to be with her.

I miss her very much... 
in memory of her, i spent some time in my SL garden as a granny.

Hair - Truth / Gabriel
Shirt - Novocaine / Genevieve Long Sweater
Sweater - Jane / vneck sweater - ziggies greens
Pants - Gisaci / Journey Tweed Slacks
Shoes - 77 Loafers / Vintage Green
Glasses - Reek / Aeroplane Shades
Skin - Wrigglesworth / Olden Girl Violet
Pose - Sway's / Grandm'Art
Background -  Sway's / Greenhouse and Garden Chair

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