Dinner time

Days getting colder and it's nice to have a good meal
with your family and friends...
or for Thanksgiving :)

Dining Table [Autumn]

this set includes:
Table with tablecloth (3 prims )
Bench 1 & 2 - both with 2 pillows, each with 3 poses  (5 & 4 prims)
Table Decoration - touch candle on / off  (14 prims)
Napkin with cutlery 4x  (6 prims)
Plate 4x  (1 prim)
Plate with Cake 4x  (4 prims)
Plate with Turkey 4x  (6 prims)
Water glass 4x  (1 prim)
Water glass filled 4x  (2 prims)
Wine glass 4x  (1 prim)
Wine glass filled 4x  (2 prims)
Platter with Turkey  (5 prims)
Bowl with Cranberry sauce  (3 prims)
Pumpkin Pie  (3 prims)
Sauce Jug  (2 prims)

the set is 131 Prims in total
(but you never use all plates and glasses at the same time)

Transfer | 550 L$

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